City of Sturgis

The City of Sturgis, which has a census population of 11,000 in 2010, is located in the southernmost part of St. Joseph County on the boarder of Indiana. The city is a beautiful mix of modern amenities and rustic surroundings. The city is also home to the wonderful Sturgis-Young Civic Center and Auditorium; which hosts theatre productions and can also host your own production: such as, weddings and parties. There are numerous lakes and untouched acreage as far as the eye can see surrounding the city. And each year in June, Sturgis Dam Days is held in honor of the hydro-electric dam that opened in 1911, which is located near Centerville, MI, but is owned by the city of Sturgis. The one hundred year anniversary of this Dam was celebrated during the 2011 Sturgis Dam Days.

In addition to a modern cityscape and festivals, the Sturgis Recreation Department provides area residents and visitors with the opportunity to participate in clean, safe, and accessible open spaces throughout the city including parks, playgrounds and athletic facilities. The city provides opportunities for youth and adults to satisfy both their active and passive recreation needs. Some of the active sports include softball, basketball, tennis, volleyball, soccer and floor hockey. Picnic pavilions and playgrounds are available at various parks throughout the city for more passive enjoyment.



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