Village of Colon

Located in southern Michigan, nestled quietly amid the lakes and trees, Colon is an ideal location for year-round living. The village is a perfect spot for the person seeking fishing, hunting, swimming, water skiing and other outdoor recreations, or for the entrepreneur who is looking for a place to locate his/her business.

The peaceful town is popular as a village of many lakes where there is good fishing year round, and the lakes are always littered with fishermen no matter what season.

The lakes also provide for winter sports such as snowmobiling and ice skating. Even on the coldest days in the middle of winter you can find a group of friends enjoying a friendly game of hockey or a pack of snowmobilers gliding across the ice.

The downtown area has shops and restaurants where you can purchase just about anything, from flowers at the posy shop to a hammer at the hardware store.

The homes are two-story Victorian houses as well as more modest homes for the young family, many with yards big enough for kids to play a pickup game of whiffle-ball. Often you can find a group of kids (and occasionally some older folk) playing games of basketball, which extend into the night when porch lights and flood lights come on to keep the game alive.

Just outside of town, acres of flat prairie farmland make a drive through the country a relaxing experience, with fields of corn and hay lining the country roads.

The quiet and peaceful environment and its friendly citizens make Colon an ideal place to spend your vacation, or as a permanent location for your home or business.

Source: Village of Colon website



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